Open World Tour

South Africa’s Destiny

ISKA South-Africa's International Open championships, Destiny, kicked off its Open World Tour debut with a bang. Over 1200 participants competed in over 600 divisions in the awesome Bellville Velodrome, right in the heart of one of the world's most beautiful cities, Cape Town.
  • From the perfection of Traditional And Weapons forms,
  • Speed and accuracy of point fighting,
  • Endurance of continuous and Sport MMA,
  • Skill and showmanship of Creative Forms and XMA,
  • Explosiveness of Power and Creative breaking,
  • Agility and strategy of Sport Grappling
  • To the raw power of full contact Low Kick.
The determination and will power to win the prestigious Grand Championship and Open Challenge titles were breathtaking. Destiny 9, a full two day event utilising 17 rings and specialist breaking/grappling area to ensure a smooth running event. The thousands of spectators were treated to a true martial arts extravaganza, with all fighting styles including Traditional Karate; Kick boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, Wu Shu and Sport Martial arts. All competing together under the same ISKA / NAGA rules in complete harmony and Bushido martial arts spirit. ISKA South-Africa has and continues to grow and expand at a rapid rate. Destiny is now the biggest ISKA martial arts event outside of the USA. A big thank you to the ISKA World President, Cory Schafer and the Directors, Mike Sawyer, Mike McCoy and of course our good friend Robert Mason for having faith in our abilities. Destiny 2015 will celebrate the 10th annual ISKA South-African Open and promises to be another ground breaking world class event, with the likes of Team Paul Mitchell, whom have in fact toured South-Africa twice in the past and Team Stand Up in attendance.

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